Project Advisory : Oceanview Tower

Promo Discount

Good day! Happy New year to all ! Ok, Let’s start with Good News:

* Our existing 2.5% promo discount will still be applicable to all units and payment terms under the new pricelist, PL2

* No price increase on Parking! (Sweet!)

Slighty bad news to those who have not reserved yet (atleast you still have until tomorrow to do reservation 😉
* Effective January 30, 2015 or upon receipt of 4 new sales, we will be implementing our 1st price increase, PL2, for all units in Marco Polo Oceanview. Said price increase is equivalent to 3.5%

And my Congratulations to those buyers who already grabbed the opportunity to be a part of Oceanview Tower on launching price!

For details, feel free to INQUIRE



Visit for more information. We will help you find your perfect home in the city that fits your lifestyle. If you are an investor, we will help you find sound investment properties in the Philippines that will surely meet your finances and return objectives.
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