Federal Land Inc. – The Developer

Federal Land Inc. was founded in 1972 as Federal Homes Inc.  The same year, it launched the Soler Tower, its first residential condominium project catering to the Filipino-Chinese community in Binondo, Manila.

The success of Soler Tower and increasing investor confidence saw the emergence of even more high-rise developments such as the Tytana Plaza, Mandarin Mansion, Escolta Twin Towers, Midtown Executive Homes, Ylaya Mansion, Ocean Tower, Bayview International Towers, Bayview Garden Homes, Roxas Seafront Gardens, Valencia Hills, Federal Tower, Dasma Corporate Center, Phil AXA Building, Skyland Plaza and Magdalena Mansion.

In 2002, Federal Homes took a new name – Federal Land Inc., signifying its evolution as its portfolio of properties grew to include commercial developments.

A proud member of the Metrobank Group, Federal Land demonstrates the passion of a trailblazer and innovator tempered by the strict disciplines of banking and finance.

Among its residential and commercial developments are Federal Land’s crown jewels – Bay Garden and Bay Garden Club & Residences, Marquinton Residences and Marquinton Garden Terraces, Oriental Garden Makati and The Oriental Place, Oriental Garden Residences, Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes, The Capital Towers, The Grand Midori Makati, Riverview Mansion, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, The Residences Cebu and the landmark GT Tower International.

Federal Land’s track record quality, reliability and integrity have not gone unnoticed by the industry, having received the 2007 Developer of the Year Award from the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association (CREBA).

With even more projects and developments on the way, Federal Land’s legacy of excellence is sure to continue.

For more information about Federal Land Inc.  please visit http://www.federalland.com.ph/ or play this video about its history and current projects.

Evelyn Maliwat – Your Licensed Real Estate Broker

TheResidencesCebu.com is a website owned and maintained by Evelyn Maliwat. This is not the official website of Federal Land Inc. Evelyn is a Sales Manager at Omni-Orient Marketing Inc., the exclusive sales and marketing division of Federal Land Inc., the developer of Marco Polo Residences.

Federal Condos

The best team at Omni-Orient/Federal Land

Evelyn is authorized representative of Omni-Orient to market Federal Land’s condominium to prospective condo-owners. She provides information about Federal Land’s condominium projects, computations and financing schemes, sets-up viewing appointments, provides step-by-step guidance to condominium ownership, and guide future homeowners every step of the way to enjoy their new condominium.

Federal Condos

With my mom, my insporation, during the Real Estate Broker Outhtaking at PICC

Evelyn Maliwat completed her Bachelor of Science in Information Management from Tarlac State University.  Before becoming a real estate broker, Evelyn was a customer service supervisor in a company servicing air-conditioning unit of malls and commercial establishments and technical support specialist from a CCTV/Surveillance firm for 8 years.

Evelyn turned into real estate after she bought her first condominium.  She decides to change career and becomes a full-time real estate broker.  As both real estate broker and investor, Evelyn  understands buying real estate from a homeowner and investor’s perspective.

I am truly blessed with loving and supportive family

At Omni-Orient, Evelyn was a Sales Executive for a year before becoming a Sales Manager.  Her clients are mostly from aboard, mostly Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) from around the world.  Evelyn always strives to provide quality services to her clients and exceed their expectations.  Honestly and integrity is the cornerstone of her practice.


Why should you utilized a licensed real estate broker such as myself?

Buyers and investors are presented with many choices not only with real estate properties but also with real estate agents. There licensed real estate brokers, un-licensed agents, bank personnel, your aunt and your sister-in-law neighbor’s cousin who posted an Ads in Sulit.

No Cost to You

Federal Land, the developer, pays my real estate commissions to market its properties. There is no cost to you. You will pay the same contract price as Price List and Payment Terms are determined by the Federal Land. If there is no cost, what do you have to lose?

Relevant Information before you make a Decision

As a real estate agent, I am knowledgeable of condominium properties that I market for Federal Land. For example, if you are an investor, I can advice you which of our projects is more investors-friendly to meet you investment objective. I know which unit has a good view and which unit represents a good buy. I also have inside information of good investment opportunities that are not available to other agents such as distressed buyers that wants to sell their unit, re-open units and promotions and discounts available.

Pre-Sale Documentation and Requirements

As an in-house broker of Federal Land, I will be able to provide you and guide you with documentation requirements of buying your condominium. Also, I will be able to help you with obtaining a bank financing since I do have great business relationship with leading banks.

Negotiation and other Issues with your Purchase

As your agent, I will represent you in negotiation with the developer. A client wants a smaller bathroom (for a bigger living area) than the standard bathroom of Federal Land, so negotiated his request with no additional cost to him. Another client lost a job after buying his condominium, I asked our Finance Department to stop depositing his post-dated check to avoid a penalty. Real estate transactions are not always perfect, unforeseen events oftentimes happens.

After-sale Services you can Rely on

Your purchase experience does not end with the reservation process. On a regular basis, I will provide you construction updates on your property, new developments and events such as price increases, launching of new towers, top-off ceremony, etc. In addition when the your condominium is ready-for-occupancy, I will help you with your punch list to viewing your completed units. If you are an investor, I can help you find a tenant for your condominium. Your sister-in-law’s neighbor’s cousins is now in working a factory in Taiwan.

Education and Bonding Requirements

As a licensed real estate broker, I have (a) met the education requirements, (b) attended a comprehensive real estate review and seminar and (c) met the on-the-job experience/training requirement. Most importantly, I have successfully passed the Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination conducted by the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) . To verify if you are dealing with Licensed Real Estate Broker, please check the PRC website.

Also, I am required by PRC to obtain a Surety Bond to protect condominium buyers and investors.

Peace of Mind

A real estate property is one of the most expensive investment you will do in your entire life. When you are in some kind of trouble, you hire a lawyer. When your tooth hurts and you get sick, you visit the dentist or a doctor. When you buy your home or your investment property, why not utilize my service a your licensed real estate broker and have a piece of mind.

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